Grilled Prawns And Poutargue Risotto

Grilled Prawns And Poutargue Risotto

Welcome your kids by stirring up this quick and tangy drink to refresh them after a tiring game day.

Start by making a bonito stock. Place the vegetable stock and 5 black peppercorns in a pan and bring up to a simmer

Add the bonito flakes and cover with cling film. Set aside for 30 minutes. Remove the cling film and pass through a muslin cloth

In a large pan over a low heat, add 50g of butter and a few drops of olive oil. Add the onion and bouquet garni and leave to sweat. Add the risotto rice and toast for a couple of minutes, then add the wine and cook until reduced

Keep on a low heat, pour in the bonito stock a ladleful at a time, making sure each ladle of stock is fully absorbed before adding another. Stir regularly as the risotto cooks
Once your last ladle of stock has nearly been absorbed, add the Parmesan, remaining butter and a generous dash of olive oil. Stir vigorously with a spatula in order to incorporate and create an emulsion – this will give the risotto its creamy texture

Season with salt and black pepper and check that the rice is cooked ‘al dente’. Remove from the heat, place a lid on top of the pan and set aside

Preheat the grill to a medium-high heat. Season the prawns with olive oil, salt and a little dried chilli and place under the grill until cooked through

Divide the risotto across plates and lay the grilled prawns on top. Top with some freshly grated poutargue and serve immediately