SPAR Brand

Better value for money!
SPAR branded products significantly enhance consumer’s affordability without compromising on product quality. At SPAR we believe in offering the maximum value to our customer. Be it a packed product or a loose commodity, the consumer is always a winner at SPAR.

Our private labels include SPAR Select, SPAR Best Price, SPAR Fresh, SPAR Fresh Bakes, SPAR Grain Market, SPAR Organic, etc.

At SPAR we have a wide range of products in categories like

  • Staple foods
  • Bakery
  • Fresh produce
  • Organic
  • Breakfast Cereals
  • Home Cleaning
  • Home Needs
  • Fabric Care
  • Beverages
  • Paper Products
  • Puja Needs
  • Disposables
  • Snack
  • Ready & Prepared Foods
  • Personal Care and more.

On an average we ensure that there is a minimum 15% price advantage to the consumer over his/her preferred brand/product in the FMCG arena.

We are extremely encouraged by the feedback we have received from our customers on a regular basis. We have witnessed customers walking up to our floor staff and specifically asking for private brand products. The fact that they travel the extra mile to purchase our private brands is a matter of great satisfaction for SPAR!